A downloadable game for Windows

This is my first release, as well as my entry for itch.io's 2015 'Novices Now!' game jam.

It is a short, 2D puzzle platformer that explores concepts of space, distance and directionality.

It currently only runs on Windows. Apologies to Mac/Linux users. I may port it to these platforms in the future if it is requested enough.


Arrow keys to move around.
Up arrow to enter doors.
Spacebar to jump.
R to restart a level.

All graphics and visual assets (except for the 'Montserrat' font, which is used courtesy of Google Fonts), all music, the two white noise sound effects (all other sound effects used courtesy of freesfx.co.uk) and all code, design and level layout was design/composed and produced by Andrew Fender, (c) 2015. None of it may be used without his explicit permission.

If you have any questions or comments, you can use the comments form on this page, but it'd probably be better to email me at afender7@yahoo.co.uk.

Install instructions

Simply extract the files from the .zip file provided and run Continuity.exe. No installation required. (If the in-game text does not display correctly, please install the provided font, 'Montserrat-Regular.ttf'.)

Be sure to read the provided README.txt file before starting.


Continuity.zip 34 MB

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